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Coconut water benefits for skin

Coconut Water Benefits: 5 Reasons You Should Drink It

Coconut water is a rejuvenating drink liked by people, especially during the hotter season. It is the clear liquid inside the ripened coconut. Coconut water benefits the health in several ways including hair and skin because of its content of good nutrients and lesser calories. Moreover, it keeps you hydrated and flushes away toxins from…

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New Coronavirus strain reached India

Coronavirus strain: New Coronavirus Strain Reached India!

A new coronavirus strain has been discovered in the United Kingdom. It is claimed to be transmissible as compared to the original coronavirus strain. Since then there is fear all over the country about the new coronavirus strain to reach India. However, India has already banned travelled to and from the UK to prevent the…

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Back and Neck Pain

Sitting All Day? Tips To Avoid Back and Neck Pain

According to a report, eight out of ten people suffer from back or neck pain at some point in their life. As we know that during this lockdown period, many people have to work online from home. Lack of proper ergonomic setup and postural discipline causes work in the neck and back after sitting for…

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stamina and immunity

Best way to improve stamina and immunity like Dean Karnazes

There is a world-famous proverb, ‘Health is Wealth’. We all love to be fit and energetic all the time. But somewhere we avoid taking proper care of ourselves due to our busy lifestyle. During the current coronavirus pandemic, it is very important to keep our immune system strong in order to prevent the virus attack….

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lmmunity (1)


Due to the increase of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is fighting together. As no vaccination is implemented so far, but there is the best way to fight against this pandemic and that is to build our immunity stronger, and abiding by the government norms. People can follow several measures to stay away from this pandemic….

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