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Winter care tips

winters in husky warm
quilts, heaters, blowers, taking long hot water
showers, and drinking less water.

All these things don’t seem so important for the
winter season, after all, we get packed in our coats
and jackets. Hot water showers and prolonged heat
of heaters provide solace but what about its
impacts? Sunbathing seems so pleasant and
satisfying that we forget about the UV rays.
We never think of such things but in reality, these
things take away the body's moisture in exchange
for warmth.

What happens in winter?
As compared to summers, the air in winters lacks
moisture. So the less humid dry air quickly erodes
the moisture and hydration of skin resulting in its
dryness. Such conditions not only affect the
epidermis layer but have a deep-down impact. Lack
of nourishment and moisture results in dryness,
itchiness, and parched skin.

People having dry skin suffers a lot. Others having
the problem of Eczema and psoriasis also suffer due to
cold dry winters.

How to take care?

Now when we have discussed the problems related
too cold and dry winters, we should move ahead to
the solutions and some of the preventive measures
which we can use to protect our skin.
1. Try to avoid the very hot shower. Hot water
reduces the moisture even from the lower dermis
of the skin. So instead of hot water, Lukewarm
What does winter remind you of?
In general, winters remind me about snowfall,
a snowman, my favorite jackets, overcoats, boots,
bonfires, homemade ‘halwa’ and so many other
things. We always fantasize about the good things
Well nevertheless apart from this what winter does
not reminds about is ‘Skin Care'
Yes, you read it right. It’s 'Skin Care'. Winters
haven’t even approached yet it revives about the
trauma that my skin used to face during this season.
During winters skin becomes very dull and dry
seeming unpleasant to look at.
We enjoy the comfort of water should be used.
2. For bathing, soaps should be avoided and if soaps
are used then soap with moisture content or
glycerin soaps or body washes should be
3. Cleansing lotion can act as a great replacement
for soaps.

4. Instead of rubbing try to pat dry your body after
5. After bathing try to use good moisturizers,
cream, ointments. Poor quality moisturizers
increase epidermal loss.
6. Coconut oil and Olive oil are a really good source
of hydration. Few drops of it could be even used
in bathing water.
7. Try to apply a thick layer of moisturizers on your
skin and a thin layer on the face depending on
your skin type.
8. Wear full sleeve clothes including muffler and
gloves even if you are having a sunbath.
9. Try to wear cotton clothes inside your woolen
10. Eat foods rich in Omega fatty acids like nuts
and dry fruits in winter.
11. A good quality lip balm will save your lips from
frequent drying. Applying it at least five to six
times a day will benefit more.

12. Before going to bed try to moisturize your body
with a good night cream having moisture
13. The most important thing is to keep yourself
hydrated. Try to drink Luke warm water.

By following these few tricks and methods you can
protect your skin during harsh winters. Now you can
easily enjoy the snowfall and extreme cold of
mountains without worrying about your skin.
Because this work would be now done by these
Happy winters!

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