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Civet Coffee: India Starts Producing World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Asia’s third-largest producer and exporter, India has started production of the world’s most expensive Civet Coffee Coorg on a small scale in the Coorg district of Karnataka. The Civet coffee Coorg, (also known as Luwak coffee) is the world’s most expensive coffee because of the uncommon method of production. It is made from the digested coffee beans which we get from the poop of the Civet cat. Let’s check out civet coffee Coorg prices in India and other countries.

World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Civet Coffee Coorg or Luwak Coffee is claimed to be more nutritious and it involves high cost in processing and quality certification. That is the reason, it is the world’s most expensive coffee. Civet Coffee Coorg is very famous and highly consumed by the elite class in Gulf nations and Europe. Its MRP is Rs.20000 – 25000 per KG.

Coorg Consolidated Commodities CCC, a startup firm in Karnataka, started producing this exotic coffee on a small scale and decided to open a café soon to serve this in the locality. Narendra Hebbar, one of the co-founders of CCC said, we have started production with 20KG initially in 2014-15. After setting up a proper establishment, 60 KG was made in 2015-16. Last year we have produced over 200 KG and the target for this year is 500KG, by October end. Currently, CCC is selling this luxury coffee at their only outlet at Club Mahindra Resort Madikeri under the brand name ‘Ainmane’.

Talking about the processing. Narendra said that their sources collect the animal poop from plantations. From located close to forests where Civet cat comes to eat the ripe coffee beans. The natural enzymes in the cat’s stomach enhance the bean flavor and that is why this coffee is unique. They are naturally producing the Civet coffee Coorg. Unlike the other countries, where civet cats are a force to feed up the raw coffee beans. It is being Civet coffee price in India is Rs.8000/- per KG. While the overseas market prices are Rs.20000-25000/-. CCC is going to open a café soon where they will serve this exotic coffee with other popular forms like Cappuccino and Expresso. A senior Coffee Board official also confirms that small quantities of Civet Coffee are producing individually. In some parts of Coorg and Chamarajnagar Districts.



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