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Skincare Myths About Men| Check it Out!

When it comes to skincare it is still taboo which people believe that men don’t need to take care of their skin. If you are a guy, you must have come across a situation in your life, when buying face cream for men in public had made you are a little awkward. Can you answer why did you felt awkward? However, at resent time, men are also being cautious about their skin and are becoming aware of the need for a skincare routine. Still, there are certain skincare myths about a man that many of us believes, so here is a list of myths and facts about men’s skincare.

Using face cream for men is not necessary:

It is a myth that most men have oily skin and using any face cream for men will not help them in reducing oil from their face. Well, it’s not true because not all men have oily skin, and using a face cream for men will smoothen the skin and not dry out. Those men who are having oily skin should always use face cream for men which is more creamy rather than oily.

Few face cream for men with oily skin are:

1. Mamaearth anti-pollution cream for men.
2. Ponds oil control face cream for men.
3. Garnier Men can fight face cream for men.

Men can use bar soap for the face instead of using men’s face wash:

Bar soaps are not at all made for the skin that your face has. It can roughly dry out your face causing severe damage to the skin tissues. Yes, men’s face is indeed tough as compared to women but using a bar soap will only harm the skin. So it is better to use a good man’s face wash for proper cleansing of your face. Even if your skin is dry you should always wash your face with a good man face wash before applying face cream for men.

Men with oily skin should not use face cream for men for a face moisturizer for men:

When you stop using face cream for men or a face moisturizer for men, your skin will start producing more oil as compared to earlier. So after cleansing your face with men’s face wash, you should always apply a good face cream for men or a moisturizer for men. If your skin is oily you should always prefer a face moisturizer for men which is oil-free or if your skin is dry you should switch over to face cream for men.

Few face cream and moisturizer for men with dry skin are:

1. Cetaphil restoring lotion with antioxidants.
2. Kiehl’s ultra facial cream

Men do not need an anti-aging cream for men:

Isn’t it a fact that men and women both ages accordingly with time? Yes, it is also true that women start to show signs of aging earlier as compared to men but that doesn’t mean that men do not show signs of aging or do not have wrinkles. And because of this myth, there are very limited anti-aging creams for men. But still, men also need anti-aging cream. The anti-aging cream for men is nothing but is a moisturizer that helps provide the skin with proper hydration. The anti-aging cream for men will not only help them
cover the signs of aging but also give them a good looking image, ultimately boosting their confidence.

Some of the best anti-aging creams for men are:

1. EltaMD UV daily tinted face moisturizer.
2. Rugged and Dapper age and damage defense facial moisturizer.
3. Cera VE anti-aging retinol serum.
Along with these best anti-aging cream for men, you can also use vitamin c serum as it also has some anti-aging properties and can also help your skin to look radiant.

The few best vitamin c serums that you can use are:
1. TruSkin Natural Vitamin C serum.
2. Obagi professional Vitamin C serum.
3. Maelov grow serum.

It is difficult to get a good skincare routine:

There are so many promising products in the market that it has become very confusing for men to choose what to use and what not to. Also
maintaining a good skincare routine for men is not so popular, even most people don’t find it so important. Most men have oily skin so there are many products claim to be good for oily skin whereas there are few men who have dry skin and so they always get confused with what to use.

Yet some products claim to be the best face wash for dry skin like:
1. Rugged and dapper face wash and scrub for men
2. Brickells men purifying charcoal face wash
3. Thrive face wash for men, etc.

A good skincare routine should always be followed by the products that suit our skin. It’s not a matter of fact that you are a male or a female, your skin always needs care and the skin that is always prone to acne and pimples, and also after age wrinkles and blemishes are the most common thing visible on your face. Nevertheless, these things can be controlled only if you follow a proper routine for your skin. Even if you are a man, you should always take care of your skin and not believing in the myths about skincare for men.


Q1. Is skincare a hoax?
Skincare is a choice that you can make and there is no compulsion of choosing any very expensive product. You can still have proper skincare without choosing more costly products and also contains elements that can be harmful to your skin.

Q2. What skincare products work?
It is a fact that skincare products only work on your skin if that product suits you. If you are using products that are not natural this should be a major concern. Also following a good skincare routine can help you get the best results out of good skincare products.

Q3. Can you put too many products on your face?
Putting too many products on your face can only harm your skin and can also make it rough and take away the natural glow.


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