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Normal Human Body Temperature | Low v/s High

98.6°F (37°C) is the normal body temperature for adults However, every human body has a different baseline. So, the average body temperature may be a little high or low. This article will read about some necessary details on normal body temperature. Additionally, you will learn about when or when not to see a doctor. 

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Chart For Normal Body Temperature

Average body temperature may change depending on which part of the body is taken into consideration for measurements. Usually, oral readings are lower than rectal ones. On the other hand, armpit measurements are generally low than the original. 

The below-provided chart shows normal human body temperature for children and adults. The readings are as per thermometer producers: 


normal body temperature chart

Normal Temperature Range

The normal temperature range will fluctuate due to the following factors:

  • An individual’s sex and age
  • The time of the day temperature recorded
  • Low or high activity of the day
  • The menstrual cycle in females also vary the readings
  • Fluid and food intake
  • the method of reading- oral, rectal and armpit. 

Normal Temperature For Adults 

The normal temperature for adults is taken to be 97.6 to 99.6°F. Although, different research may vary with the readings. Normal body temperature for adults if someone has a fever:

  • At least 100.3°F is a normal fever
  • more than 103.1°F is a high fever
  • more than 105.8°F is an extreme fever 

Once a researcher claims that certain health conditions also affect your body’s temperature. Like, if you have a thyroid you will have a low temperature. Or normal body temperature is high if you have cancer. 

Normal Body Temperature For Children 

The normal temperature range for children is from 95.9°F to 99.5°F. (in case of oral reading). Children mostly have a similar temperature as adults from 3 to 17 years of age. However, newborn babies have high body temperature readings as compared to children and adults. A baby of age 0-2 years will have a normal body temperature of 97°F to 100.5°F (rectal reading). Additionally, it is normal to have a feverish body at the time of teething. 

Causes Of Low Body Temperature In Humans

Risk factors for low body temperature include:

Exhaustion: Your tolerance level decreases when you feel fatigued.

Old Age: Your body’s power to regulate temperature may lessen with growing age. This is the reason some old-aged people are unable to communicate properly.

Mental Disorders: Mental sickness may lower your body temperature and you feel weak. To control low body temperature due to mental disorders, try yoga. 

Drugs or Alcohol Intake: Alcohol intake on regular basis may be the cause of low body temperature in humans. So, it’s essential to avoid drugs and alcohol as much as possible. 

Medications: Some medicines can regulate the body’s power to change it’s temperature. Some medicines that lower body temperature is- antipsychotics and narcotic pain killers. 

Causes Of High Body Temperature In Humans

Infections: Several parasitic, bacterial, and viral infections can rise to normal human body temperature. Infections that cause body fewer are- malaria, Pneumonia and influenza.

Anesthesia: Anesthesia drugs and injections can also lead rising high rate of hyperpyrexia. (high body temperature)

Heat Strokes: If you subject your body to excessive heat you may faint and have a heat stroke. This may result in high fever body temperature.

Normal Body Temperature In India 

If you suspect a fever, you may not have it. Yes, the normal body temperature in India is 98.6° F! Moreover, if you are having a temperature of 99° then also it’s fine. You may be coming from direct heat or is having high blood pressure. On the other hand, if your normal temperature goes beyond 100°, then consult a doctor. Over the past few years, “normal body temperature in India” is been a hot question for many researchers. It is always suggested to record body temperature at least three times and then consider the average.


Q. What causes low body temperature?

Low body temperature is usually caused by staying in chilly weather. However, it may also occur due to the usage of drugs, experiencing shocks, or few illnesses like diabetes and thyroid. Moreover, a low body temperature may arise due to infections. 

Q. How to treat low body temperature?

To treat low body temperature, avoid massaging your body. Move yourself to a warm place. Remove all wet clothes and cover yourself. Lastly, lay on a blanket and have sweets like chocolates.

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