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Black Fungus

Black Fungus Cases Rise In Dehradun

“Mucormycosis” commonly known as “Black Fungus” has entered Dehradun. Till now, black fungus cases have been registered in Dehradun. Among these 3 cases have been found in private hospitals. Whereas, one case has been reported in Government Hospital. Yet, this is not confirmed. In the stress of covid, another disease is knocking us! Among 4 …

covid vaccine registration

Covid Vaccine Registration | Covid-19 for 18+

As we all know the corona cases are on the raise, the situation is getting worse day by day. Covid vaccine registration is going on. The government has taken initiative to get all people of India, vaccinated! In this, first, you need to do registration on the website of cowin. And you need to fill …

Brain Tumor: Symptoms and signs
Health News

Brain Tumor: Symptoms and signs

The brain is one of the most important body organs that comprise of nerve cells and tissues. When a cluster of abnormal cells starts to grow without any control in your brain takes the form of a tumor. Brain tumors aren’t the same, some could be non-cancerous and some could be cancerous. It’s called a …