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5 side effects of over-exercising | Check here

Exercising regularly has several proven benefits to your body and mind. It can assist you to have good immunity, improve metabolism, manage a healthy weight, and be fit and healthy. However, when anything goes off-limits it becomes harmful, similarly exercising beyond limits can be harmful to your health and can give you negative effects. The negative effects of over-exercising can lead to various health-related issues. In this article, we will discuss the 5 side effects of over-exercising

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  1. Drop-in energy and decreases performance:

One of the primary side effects of over-exercising is that it can decrease your performance. When you over-exercise, your body doesn’t get the time to recover itself so it becomes tired and exhausted. So your body fails to remain energetic and results in a decrease in your physical performance.

Taking rest is very important between strenuous workouts as your body needs to recover from the stress it goes through during the workout. Over exercise doesn’t give your body proper time to rest so your body remains stressed out and in this case, if you again exercise, you will feel the decrease in your performance level.

  1. Extreme fatigue:

The other major side effect of over-exercise is that you may experience fatigue right after working out because of excessive tiredness. If you are over-exercising with heavy weights, you might suffer. This is due to extreme fatigue. As the muscles are not able to produce the same amount of force because of which the forms get affected. Overstressing can also lead to muscle injuries and pain.

In women, fatigue can lead to hormonal imbalances that can affect the estrogen levels causing painful menstrual cycles.


  1. Sleeplessness:

Regular exercising in limits can promote good sleep but over-exercising can disturb your sleeping. When your body doesn’t get enough rest, it becomes overstressed and you may find it hard to relax and sleep peacefully. Moreover, due to over-exercising, you develop aches and pain in your body that too can hamper your sleep.

Not getting sufficient sleep can also lead to irritability, confusion, mood swings, and even depression. This is another major side effect of over-exercising.


  1. Heart problems:

Other side effects of over-exercising are that it can develop heart problems and hinder your heart health. In a study by German scientists, it was found that over-exercising can lead to the risk of stroke or heart attack. Heavy exercises induce too much stress to your heart and your resting heart rate also increases. This is also a reason for getting the risk of heart problems and diseases.


  1. Joint problems:

Working out heavily in the gym with very heavy weights causes pain in the joints.  Your joints are working as a hinge when you are doing the movements while working out. Over-exercising with heavyweights puts more stress on your joints and can even promote joint injuries which would take time to recover.


Side effects of leaving the gym:

When you stop going to the gym, you begin to experience the effects of detraining which is opposed to rest and recovery. This is a phenomenon in which you lose the beneficial effects of working out. Moreover, your body composition begins to change which results in the shrinking of muscle cells.

Your body would look softer as there is no or less calorie burn due to which fat cells expands. It is one of the major side effects of leaving the gym workout.

How much exercise is too much for a woman:

Exercising daily limits is beneficial for all. However, the factors like your age and health are considered for setting an exercise limit. An adult woman can get around 5 hours a week of moderate exercise, along with a half-hour of intense physical activity and proper rest for recovery.

Side effects of a gym workout in teenagers:

Working out in the gym can help you in gaining muscles and giving your body a proper shape. However, if you are a teenager, gym workout can give you some side effects like muscle injuries and stressed out the body which might not be good for your mental health. It is recommended for a person to be 18 years or above to join a gym.

Dangers of exercising every day:

It is ideal to exercise 5 days a week at least for 1 hour. Exercising every day may not be good for your health as your body will not be able to get proper rest. Although if you are not doing any routine workout and only sticking to running and walking, you can do these exercises regularly. However, it should not be very extensive it may lead to over-exercising.


Exercising daily promotes good health however over-exercising can be harmful. As over-exercising can lead to a stressed-out body without proper rest and you may become victim to many health problems. If your body can suffer the intensive workout, you must also give the body proper rest to recover. This will help increase your physical performance while working out.



What are the reasons for not joining the gym before 18 years?

Expert recommends that the right time to join the gym is above 18 years as at this age, the body is mature and ready to gain muscles. However, if you are below 18, gym workout can be vigorous for you and may result in physical stress and fatigue. You can do moderate exercises like running, swimming, and walking at home.


How much time does it take to get a perfect body shape?

If you want to get a perfect body shape, it needs a lot of time and dedication. You have to exercise regularly and also focus on a high protein and low-calorie diet. If you remain dedicated, you can see some positive results within 6 to 8 weeks. Although if you want to lose extra weight, it might require more strength and time.


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