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Chronic Kidney diseases Treatment , Causes , Symptoms etc

Chronic kidney disease , additionally called continual kidney failure, is characterized by a current lack of kidney function. Wastes and additional fluids for your blood are filtered through the manner of the method of your kidneys and excreted for your urine. Continue chronic kidney disease can bring about dangerously excessive ranges of fluid, electrolytes, and wastes for your body.


How widespread is CKD?


Adults in the United States have a high prevalence of CKD. Over 37 million American adults risk having Chronic Kidney disease 1. 


Causes of Chronic Kidney diseases


If you have diabetes, you are at risk for Chronic kidney disease.


Diabetes. Diabetes is the maximum not unusual place purpose of chronic kidney disease. Diabetes-associated excessive blood glucose additionally called blood sugar, can harm the blood vessels for your kidneys. CKD influences almost one-1/3 of all people with diabetes.


High Blood pressure:- The 2d main reason for Chronic Kidney disease is excessive blood pressure. High blood pressure, like excessive blood glucose, can damage the blood vessels for your kidneys. CKD influences almost one in every five adults with extreme blood pressure.


Cardiovascular disease:-  According to research, there is a link between kidney disease and heart disease. People with heart disease are more likely to develop kidney disease, and people with kidney disease are more likely to develop heart disease. Researchers are working better to understand the link between kidney disease and cardiovascular disease.


African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians are more likely to develop CKD.2 The increased risk is primarily due to these groups’ higher diabetes and high blood pressure rates. Scientists are investigating other possible causes of this increased risk.

Symptoms of advanced CKD


  • Chest pain
  • dry skin, itching or numbness, tiredness headaches
  • increased or decreased urination, appetite loss
  • cramps in the muscles
  • nausea, shortness of breath, and sleep issues
  • difficulty concentrating
  • vomiting
  • slimming down
  • Anemia, bone disease, and malnutrition can all occur in people with CKD.


Anemia, bone disease, and malnutrition can all occur in people with CKD.


Stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD)

Each stage is determined by the eGFR number and has unique symptoms and treatments.


  • The first stage of CKD

Stage 1 CKD means you have a normal eGFR of 90 or higher and mild kidney damage. Because your kidneys still function usually, you may not be experiencing any symptoms. Other symptoms of kidney damage may include protein in your urine.


  • The second stage of CKD

Stage 2 CKD means your eGFR has dropped to between 60 and 89, and you have mild kidney damage. Most of the time, your kidneys still usually function, so you may not be experiencing any symptoms. Other signs of kidney damage may exist.


  • CKD stage three

Stage 3 CKD has an eGFR between 30 and 59 and mild to moderate kidney damage. Your kidneys do not filter waste and extra fluid from your blood as well as they should. This waste can accumulate in your body and cause other health issues such as high blood pressure and bone disease. You may experience symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, and swelling in your hands and feet.


Based on your eGFR, stage 3 CKD is divided into two substages:


  • Stage 3a indicates that your EGR is between 45 and 59.
  • Stage 3b demonstrates that your eGFR is between 30 and 44.


Many people in Stage 3 do not progress to Stages 4 or 5. This is due to treatment and healthy lifestyle changes.


CKD 4th stage


Stage 4 CKD is defined as having an eGFR between 15 and 29 and moderate to severe kidney damage. Your kidneys do not filter waste from your blood as well as they should. This waste can accumulate in your body and cause various health issues, including high blood pressure, bone disease, and heart disease. You will most likely enjoy signs and symptoms along with hand and foot swelling and lower back pain.


This is the final stage before kidney failure. It is critical to regularly see a nephrologist (kidney doctor) to slow kidney damage and plan for potential treatments for kidney failure.


CKD 5th stage


Stage 5 CKD means you have an eGFR of less than 15 and severe kidney damage. Your kidneys are on the verge of failing or have already died (stopped working). Because your kidneys have stopped filtering waste out of your blood, waste merchandise collects for your body, making you very ill and inflicting different fitness problems. When your kidneys fail, you’ve got alternatives for survival: dialysis or a kidney transplant.


Is CKD associated with other health issues?


Chronic Kidney disease can cause various other health issues, including heart disease. If you have kidney disease, you are more likely to have a stroke or heart attack.


High blood pressure can be a cause as well as a symptom of kidney disease. High blood pressure harms your kidneys, and damaged kidneys are less effective at controlling your blood pressure.




Q:1 How long can a CKD patient expect to live?


Ans: Not all patients have severe problems with the early onset of kidney damage, and the majority of Chronic Kidney disease patients can live a long time without any severe complications. It is estimated that the average person will live for an additional 30 years after being diagnosed.


Q:2 Is chronic kidney disease curable?

There is no cure for chronic kidney disease (CKD), but treatment can help relieve symptoms and prevent the condition from worsening. The stage of your CKD will determine your treatment. The main treatments are lifestyle changes to keep you as healthy as possible.

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