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Green Tea v/s Black Tea- which is better

Green Tea v/s Black Tea: Green Tea is healthy and wealthy when looked at with the mirror of comparison between green tea and black tea. Though made out of the
same Camellia Sinensis the way they are made makes them different from one to the other. One is oxidized (Black Tea) and the other (Green Tea) is not. The oxidization process makes a distinction between the two as in oxidization process many of the naturally occurring proteins are modified making it all less effective as in its natural form.

Health loving people prefer to drink green tea morning after morning as it helps them to have ever-green health. Health is wealth and the
one who understands this and knows its worth will know the value and benefits of green tea. Green tea does not harm you and your
body, be like health loving people, drink green tea, and prefer green tea. As greenery is most abundant in nature so are the benefits of green tea. It will benefit an individual from head to toe. It will help an individual to lead a happy and healthy life. It will boost your immunity and also gives you protection against the viruses in the air. Good immunity plus good protection together results in good health and strength,
which is the only desire of so many people today.

For people upset with obesity, green tea should be your necessity as green tea with little exercise could help a lot to lose weight which you desire now and then. Green tea is not only a tea but is also good medicine for the ones who are suffering from heart diseases as it helps to maintain a good a healthy functioning heart. A healthy heart is very important as it is the source of life and as long as the heart is healthy so long life will endure.

One of the sense organ for which an individual cares the most is the skin. To show that you care for your skin and to show your love for
your skin, the best way to do so is by drinking green tea. Consumption of green tea morning after morning would benefit you
with healthy and clear skin.

At present about more than 45% of the world population is suffering with high cholesterol level which is serious as well as a deadly
disease. High-level cholesterol limits the blood flow of a person and makes a person more prone to heart attack and stroke which could
result in immediate death. If you are one of that 45% of the world population than green tea is best for you as it helps to lower the
cholesterol level to the normal level which is desirable for all the ones suffering from high cholesterol levels.

The benefits of green tea are too many to be listed. With tea, it is also a medicine all-rounder. Skin issue, heart disease, high cholesterol level, obesity or immunity problem; Green tea is the ultimate medicine cure for it all as it is not oxidized and naturally occurring proteins are
unmodified and equally effective as found in nature. Green tea is the best tea as it is medicinal in nature and healer at work.

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