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Too much hand sanitizers can lead to severe hand dermatitis

Hand sanitizer has become the most vital thing in our lives. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the usage of the hand sanitizer got an increase. It has become a necessity in the wake of the outbreak. And become extremely integral for the hygiene protocol. But there is an issue which is raising. Excessive use of sanitizer is bad for hands. As much as killing germs and bacteria, using in large amount can end up killing good bacteria as well. As we all know Alcohol-based sanitizers are consider to be extremely effective. Also, they are effective in terminating the bacteria.

But as per new reports, people have experienced skin problems like severe dryness, burning, and redness of the skin. Along with cracked or bleeding skin also occur. According to Dr. B.L. Jangid, Dermatologist, and Hair Transplant Surgeon, New Delhi said there are a few things to keep in the mind using sanitizers.

There are a few points which people need to care for,

Limited usage: As we all know excess of everything and anything is bad for anyone. And the same goes for the hand sanitizers. Always use sanitizer often. Because excessive use of it will kill good bacteria also.

Unwanted Chemical contamination in sanitizers: There are lots of chemical and unwanted things that are present in the hand sanitizers. Which are bad for our skin and harmful when we use it in excessive amounts.

Moisturizing creams and healing ointment: A lot of people have been using hand sanitizers for a long time. Now, your hands may start to show symptoms of hand dermatitis. And sometimes it’s best to quit using a sanitizer until it’s absolutely necessary. You can use homemade remedies, in which you can include good moisturizers along with healing ointments.

Hand sanitizer

Soap and water combination: Old way hack, which is effective in every condition and situation. Washing with soap and water instead of sanitizer is the best.  Only use sanitizers when you can’t access soap and water for washing hands. Use antiseptic soap, it will be a great help.




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