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Muscle building and Fat loss at same time

People think that gaining muscle and losing fat are two different things. And we think that one cannot do both in the same interval. But, there is always a little confusion between fat loss and weight loss, again both are different. So, today I will impart little knowledge on these topics through this article.

There is the term “Recomping” which means you lose body fat and build muscle simultaneously. Also, to lose weight your diet should be calory deficit and for gain, it should be calories surplus. Both these concepts are opposite to each other. But it leads to total body weight. Although you can lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass at the same time.


1.Focus on fat loss, not on weight loss. Some people say they want to lose weight but they mean to say that they want to lose fat ratio in their body.


2. The thing is that when you lose weight, you lose both fat and muscle which affect your body. That makes your body smaller and your muscle shape shrink too.

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3. Muscle building and fat losings are both different terms and their meaning are so vast. Or we can say there is a fine line in between. Let’s learn what they are before applying in your body routine.


4. The vital thing for doing Recomping is increasing the intake of protein. And decrease the other stuff like carbs and unsaturated fat. If your goal is fat loss then focus on the calorie deficit diet. Because it is going to help you in achieving your goal fastly and easily.


5. But the real thing is that don’t lower your calorie intake that much as calorie gives you energy and it will become harder to hold on to your muscle.


6. Studies show that macronutrients like fat and carbs are not that much important. Like protein is an essential part of the lean muscle building. Prioritize all the things in your diet as per your goals.


7. Now, come to the second part which is exercise and training. The training plays the second role in muscle building and fat loss. Let me explain it, the person who wants to lose fat should need to do cardio before gym exercises. But for that person who wants to build muscle, there is no need. So, the best thing for muscle building is to do resistance training.


8. Resistance training is the game-changer in muscle building. We can say, one can achieve a lot by including this in your gym training.




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