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Side effects of “adrak wali chai”

Adrak wali chai is one of India’s favourite chai(tea) and it is believed that adrak wali chai has some healing property. It is mostly made in winter seasons in the northern part of India and also drank by people when they suffer from cold. Adrak wali chai has a ginger taste like so much ginger is added and little sugar.
People love to have adrak wali chai over a small gathering or in family time because of the medicinal property. It holds due to the presence of ginger as its ingredient but the facts or the side effects of it is mostly unknown too many people. Adrak wali chai indeed has some medicinal property. But there are some side effects too that should not be neglected for it could be harmful to an individual.

Few side effects “adrak wali chai”  that you must know:


Many experts have pointed out that ginger speeds up the passage of food through the intestines. It could lead to unrest, restlessness, and even diarrhoea.


Many Obstetricians have said that ginger for pregnant women beyond a certain limit could be unhealthy for the child. Even it could result in miscarriage. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid ginger or take it only after consulting the doctor.


Ginger has anti-platelet properties that mean it can lead to bleeding as it interferes with blood thickening. It is advisable for the ones who have blood clotting issues or excess bleeding to avoid ginger. As it could be harmful and unsafe for them.


There is sufficient proof to demonstrate ginger could decrease indigestion. However, there is certainly much more proof that shows that ginger can cause acid reflux and disturbance. Ginger has something called gingerols that can aggravate the stomach into delivering more acid. More than the required amount of acids could be very dangerous to an individual.


Studies conducted by the experts have found out that ginger intake can
lower blood pressure and that is good for the ones who have high blood pressure but the intake of ginger in the form of tea or its raw form could be unsafe or unhealthy to the ones who have normal blood pressure or lower blood pressure.


A study made in china by the experts has found out that gingerols present in gingers have a bad effect on hair regrowth. If you are trying to re-grow your hair or suffering from baldness then you should avoid ginger as it hampers normal hair growth.

Ginger has some medicinal and healing properties but at the same time, it too has some side effects whether consumed in its raw form or the form of adrak wali chai. In the above bullet points, we saw the side effects of adrak wali chai and we should be careful about these things if we are patient with anything for which ginger could prove unhealthy. Many are unaware of all these side effects of adrak(ginger) or adrak wali chai but it is always good to educate the ones who do know about it.


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