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Day: November 12, 2020

7 ways to hydrate your skin inside out this winter

In winter seasons in many nations, people may begin to feel that their skin is getting drier and itchier. People start utilizing a wide range of winter serums, toners, and lotions that can keep their skin hydrated. In some cases, the skin needs supplements to help mend and fix itself. And there are many ways…

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dryness in the eyes

How to cure dryness in eyes instantly.

Beneficial tips to cure dryness in eyes A simple stare, a narrow squint, or a pretty gaze can show deep meaning. The expressive feature of human eyes makes them the perfect tool for character development. Nothing is more irritating than that feeling of having something in our eye. If you feel scratchy, dry, or experience blurred vision….

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adrak wali chai

Side effects of “adrak wali chai”

Adrak wali chai is one of India’s favourite chai(tea) and it is believed that adrak wali chai has some healing property. It is mostly made in winter seasons in the northern part of India and also drank by people when they suffer from cold. Adrak wali chai has a ginger taste like so much ginger…

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Best food for diabetes

9 Best food for diabetes

Best food for diabetes: Inactive lifestyle, bad food habits, hypertension result in various diseases. Diabetes is one of them. It is considered the most common disease that affects almost every age group. Out of 10 people in the world, 6 of them are diabetic patients. A diabetic person has both lower and higher blood sugar…

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