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Year: 2020

Side effects of leaving the gym

5 side effects of over-exercising | Check here

Exercising regularly has several proven benefits to your body and mind. It can assist you to have good immunity, improve metabolism, manage a healthy weight, and be fit and healthy. However, when anything goes off-limits it becomes harmful, similarly exercising beyond limits can be harmful to your health and can give you negative effects. The…

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New COVID-19 strain

New COVID-19 strain in India: Will vaccine work? Does it spread in the air?

As the news set off about a new variant of coronavirus strain found in the United Kingdom, there is anxiety among the people about its dangers and new symptoms. While the coronavirus vaccine launch gave some hope to people, the news of a new coronavirus strain has disputed it and has left everyone worried and…

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benefits of coffee

Benefits of Coffee and Serious Risks

Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans and widely consumed by people of all ages. It is a very prominent drink, perhaps known for its content of caffeine that procures you with several benefits of coffee. However, consuming high content of caffeine can also cause problems with your sleep. Likewise, there are…

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Coconut water benefits for skin

Coconut Water Benefits: 5 Reasons You Should Drink It

Coconut water is a rejuvenating drink liked by people, especially during the hotter season. It is the clear liquid inside the ripened coconut. Coconut water benefits the health in several ways including hair and skin because of its content of good nutrients and lesser calories. Moreover, it keeps you hydrated and flushes away toxins from…

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New Coronavirus strain reached India

Coronavirus strain: New Coronavirus Strain Reached India!

A new coronavirus strain has been discovered in the United Kingdom. It is claimed to be transmissible as compared to the original coronavirus strain. Since then there is fear all over the country about the new coronavirus strain to reach India. However, India has already banned travelled to and from the UK to prevent the…

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difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, normal blood sugar

Type 2 Diabetes- Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the processing of normal blood sugar levels in your body. In this condition, the glucose levels in your body get a build-up in your blood. If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, your body will not produce enough insulin or it may resist insulin. Type…

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horror movies can be bad for mental health

Horror Movies Are Bad For Mental Health

Everyone likes to watch movies. It can be either watching movies in a theatre, or on television on a friend’s night out. So may I ask what genre do you prefer? Let me guess. Is it Horror movies? Well if it is, do you know horror movies are bad for mental health? Yes, that’s true!…

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Energy booster healthy juice

Energy Booster Healthy Juice For A Great Energy Level

Juices are acknowledged by peoples throughout and consuming them is far better than consuming sugary beverages. Drinking a glass of juice every day provides you with a blast of vitamins, proteins, micronutrients, fatty acids and so much more. These are also energy booster healthy juice, that gives you an elevated energy level throughout the day….

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Hair Washing

Hair Washing Guide As Per Your Hair Type

Hair puts elegance and beauty to any person’s look. For a girl, it is the foremost pal of her glamour. However, having beautiful and gorgeous hair takes a lot of effort and time. Especially when you have longer and thicker hair, you need to take a lot of care. Moreover, all the girls do not…

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How to ease IBS pain quickly?

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)- IBS Diet, Symptoms, Causes, and Cure

Irritable bowel syndrome is an intestine disorder that inflicts pain in the stomach and may also result in diarrhea and constipation. The symptoms of IBS can typically occur together and can also differ in severity. In this post you will read about IBS Diet, IBS symptoms in female, it’s causes and cure. Very common symptoms…

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