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Best way to improve stamina and immunity like Dean Karnazes

There is a world-famous proverb, ‘Health is Wealth’. We all love to be fit and energetic all the time. But somewhere we avoid taking proper care of ourselves due to our busy lifestyle. During the current coronavirus pandemic, it is very important to keep our immune system strong in order to prevent the virus attack. Engaging in regular physical activities can improve your immunity as well as it also boosts up your stamina. Dean Karnazes has the best stamina in

According to researches, an individual, who take part in regular physical activity, have a lower chance of infection compared to those who are inactive and sedentary. Being more physically active also helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and mental stress. Here are some key points to improve your stamina and immunity.

Points to focus

  • Take things slow: Increasing your stamina and immunity is not an overnight thing. It is a process that takes time. If you are going to increase your stamina and immunity with exercise and other physical activities, don’t push your body to start with a heavy workout. Take your time and let your body adapt such changes according to its own pace.
  • Eat Healthily: Some people think, stamina is based only on physical activities, but it is not true. That is because of the body adapting the changes after exercise. And to execute these changes properly, the body needs energy, which comes from food. It is very important to eat healthy food which has a balanced amount of protein, vitamins and other minerals.
  • Be Regular: Engaging in physical activities should be consistent if you are planning to increase your stamina and immunity.
  • Take proper rest: The rest time is also a very important factor. After heavy physical activities, the body needs rest to restore the energy.
  • Make a proper diet schedule: Timing is also very important. If we want to be fit and healthy, we should take our meal at a scheduled time always. That helps out metabolism to keep balance.
  • Never sleep immediately after dinner: Maintain a gap of at least two or three hours between your dinner and sleep time. This will boost your metabolism and enhance digestion.
  • Get a Stamina test: you can check your stamina by measuring pre and post-tests if you are following certain stamina increasing activity.
  • Keep a check on BMI: Maintaining a Body Mass Index (BMI) is essential to stay active in life. Your BMI should always be less than 25.
  • Stay Positive: However, increasing your stamina and immunity is not only the essential thumb-rule of life, but you should always stay positive and optimistic.


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