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Running V/s Walking | Which one is better?

Do you want to shape up yet don’t want to work out or join a gym? Well then, if you are impassioned to come by a healthy and sound life, you can surely go running and walking. These are the best forms of cardiovascular exercises and the easiest ways to get the desired health goal you want to achieve. But persisting on which one to last with is frequently very confusing. So here are a few points that will help you elucidate the confusion between which one is better Running or Walking

KNOWING YOUR PURPOSE (Running V/s Walking)

Most of us have the least idea if we really need to lose weight or we just need to be healthy. Consequently, if your primary goal is to reduce, running would be more advantageous than walking. You can follow several styles of running which are designed for different purposes. It would be a great choice to burn those extra calories down, initially helping you to lose more weight. But in case your fitness level doesn’t hold up with running, you can certainly go with speed walking and power walking. Also if your only aim is to maintain a healthy weight, walking could be a good choice. It is even good for the heart and also helpful in providing good mental health.


Running and walking are both a form of aerobic exercises. If you are a beginner, it will be good if you start with walking, and then slowly switching over to running. Here are few benefits listed below;

1. Builds stamina and immunity
2. Prevent obesity
3. Live a long and healthy life
4. Boosts vitamin D levels
5. Reduce the risk of cancer
6. Cures high blood press

There are numerous other advantages apart from these. But when compared with each other, study 2 found that the runners have much better heart health than walkers.


Well, talking of threats means the risks that are involved in running and walking. Running requires intense labour thus it includes a high risk of getting injuries. In walking, injuries are less. Although these risks can be reduced by taking self-care and try walking more frequently than running.


Comfort is an aspect that will thrive you to go on with anything without any failure. If going on a run makes you uneasy and you get tired, it will not only affect your routine but also ruin your mood. But if you are comfortable with running, you will nevertheless always be ready. Otherwise going on a slow walk will always be comfortable.

Maintaining good health will be always a matter of concern and for this running and walking will always help you out. These exercises do not require any cost and can be easily done at your place. To begin with, you can certainly go walking, it is one best alternative if you are unable to go for a run. But if you are seriously looking forward to weight loss, sticking to running would be a great choice.



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